Demag KBK Drive Assist

Productivity at your fingertips

Demag KBK Drive Assist

Ergonomics, Experience, Efficiency, E-Motion.

Demag KBK Drive Assist

Ergonomics, Experience, Efficiency, E-Motion.

Demag KBK Drive Assist: Productivity at your fingertips

E4 = Ergonomics, Experience, Efficiency, E-Motion.

Ease the workload on your employees when they perform repetitive transport tasks. Increase the productivity of your processes – and improve load handling safety. The innovative KBK Drive Assist requires even lower travel forces and offers smart support for all crane travel axes. Benefit from intuitive control for more precision and improved ergonomics.

  • Ergonomics
    The new KBK Drive Assist enables loads to be moved even more easily and ergonomically than with any previous light crane systems. The smart control system ensures that only minimum force is required to move and safely position the crane system. Promote the wellbeing of your employees and help them stay productive.
  • Experience
    Benefit from Demag KBK Drive Assist with a combination of innovative controls and proven components from the KBK crane construction kit, which has a successful track record all over the world.
  • Efficiency
    Highly dynamic drives can help to move and slow down the crane thanks to a new control system concept. It enables you to boost your processes, relieve the physical burden on your employees and, at the same time, improve productivity.
  • E-Motion
    The intuitive Demag KBK Drive Assist greatly eases the workload. A reduced physical burden and the innovative “crane-follows-the-operator” concept can further boost employee satisfaction and motivation. 
Durable profile section rails

Durable profile section rails
Demag KBK with track sections that can be combined from the modular system – can be configured to meet specific needs for proven solutions all over the world.





Drive RF 200 mit E22-C

Dynamic drive
Demag friction-wheel travel drives with proven RF 200 drive combined with E22-C for dynamic acceleration and precise braking of the crane system.




Demag Manulift handle

Ergonomic control
Fatigue-free operation with the Demag Manulift handle: lifting and lowering motions controlled with one hand – for both right or left-hand control. An integrated sensor detects the operator’s hand to enable safe operation. Precise integration of load handling attachments via a quick-release coupling.




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